Saturday, March 24, 2018

Google Draw - Interactive Ecosystem

Today was Day 1 of the Maryland EdTechTeam Summit and as with the previous years I have attended this awesome conference, I am full of ideas. While most of these ideas will have to come in a later blog post, this post is going to be about an idea I came up with about 30 minutes before I presented on Google Draw.

This is the second time I have presented on this app and I always love coming up with new ways to use it. While sitting in another session today, I had one of those aha moments and out came two ideas for Google Draw that I then threw together and presented.

In my 5th grade science class, we have been learning about life science and different ecosystems. With Google Draw, students could create an interactive ecosystem. One way they can do this is to find an image of the ecosystem and paste it into their Drawing. Next students should research different animals and plants that would be found in that ecosystem. Students then find images of each of these animals/plants and insert them onto the ecosystem image. To make this Drawing interactive, students could then insert a hyperlink for each animal and/or plant that links to a website with more information. The hyperlink could also link to a Google Doc or Slide with information that the student has researched.

Click on the image below to see an example