Saturday, October 7, 2017

Vocabulary/Word Wall Cards Done Easy

It has been a while! Even though this is my 8th year of teaching, I always forget how the first month of school is always a crazy whirlwind where I feel like I am trying to catch up!

Now that things have settled down it is time to get back into action on this blog!

First up, a super quick and easy way to make vocabulary word cards for a word wall, focus board, or flash cards for the students using Google Slides

To make these word cards:

  • Create a new Google Slides document
  • Decide if you want the cards to be widescreen (16:9) or standard (4:3). To do this, click on File --> Page Setup --> Choose a size.
  • Choose the slide layout that has a title at the top and nothing else on the slide.
  • Type your vocabulary word in the "title" section. On the first slide, format your font size and style that you want for all of your slides so that it will be easy to keep them all the same.
  • Click on Insert --> Image --> Search. This will allow you to do a Google search for an image you want and the nice thing is the images that are returned are all labeled for reuse with modification!
  • Click on the image you want to insert and then click on Select.
  • Once you are ready to create the next vocabulary word, right click and choose Duplicate Slide or click on Slide on the menu bar and Duplicate Slide. This keeps your formatting the same for each slide. Just delete the picture and search for a new one.

I prefer to print the cards with four slides on a page as seen above so that they fit nicely on my word wall.

When printing the cards:
  • Click on File --> Print settings and preview.
  • Where it says 1 slide without notes, you can click to see your other options. I usually choose Handout - 4 slides per page. I also use Landscape.
  • Once you have chosen the size that works for you, click on Print or Download as PDF if you want to save for later.