Friday, April 6, 2018

Maniac Magee Project Choice Board

In my previous blog post I mentioned that my students will complete a project from the choice board after finishing the novel, Maniac Magee. All of these projects will use some type of digital tool that the students will then be able to share with others, as well as, add to their digital portfolio for the novel study.

Click on the image above to visit the choice board.

Novel Study Digital Portfolio

We may have just finished our Maniac Magee novel study at the end of Quarter 3, but after learning more about Hyperdocs a couple of weekends agos I decided I wanted to try out something new while it was all fresh in my brain.

I used Google Slides and Google Sites (among other Google Suite apps) to create a completely digital novel study for Maniac Magee using my county's reading curriculum. While it took a decent amount of time to put everything together and make sure that everything was hyperlinked to the correct link, next year when this unit comes up I will be good to go!

To set it up, I started with a Google Slides presentation. The first few slides explain how the students should set up their Google Site. The site will be used to create their digital portfolio of all of their assignments. Next, each slide in the presentation represents a different day the students will work on the novel. Each day has a set of chapters the students are to read, information they need to review or learn (usually linked to an anchor chart), sometimes an assignment for them to complete (for example, completing a graphic organizer where the students will use the text to find evidence of how two characters are similar), and then a Google Form where the students will complete their routine writing assignment for that set of chapters. The one slide has all of the directions and hyperlinks to everything the student needs. I also included a link to another Google Slide presentation that has tier 3 vocabulary for each set of chapters.

Here is an image of what a slide may look like:
The icons at the top of the slide let the students know which apps they will use each day.

At the end of the unit, the students will complete a project from the choice board:

After their project is completed and uploaded to their Google Site, then the students will have a finished digital portfolio on Google Sites that they can share with parents, grandparents, teachers, classmates, etc.. This will really allow them to take ownership and be proud of their work.