Thursday, August 24, 2017

Classroom Library

Since having a baby in the middle of June and using my summer break as my maternity leave, I have not been as eager to jump back into my classroom to set things up. However, I had to attend the leadership retreat Tuesday and Wednesday this week so I sent the kids off to daycare (cue the crying) and dragged myself to work. Honestly, since it was baby #2 it wasn't as bad as I thought and once I walked in the front door of school I knew I was ready.

I got a little bit of time to go into my room yesterday and set up my classroom library.  Last year I was in a new (and AMAZING) room that actually has built in shelving. I didn't realize how amazing this built in shelving was until the end of last year when I was told, don't take anything off the shelf, just cover it up! You don't have to tell me that twice. Flash forward 10 weeks... and for the first time ever in my 8 years of teaching, I set my classroom library up in 10 minutes! Take down the paper, put up the bins and books for the top of the shelf and voila! It's done!

Last year I decided to use a chalkboard theme, which means I made new labels for my book bins. I also went with the emoji theme as well. Click on the picture below to get my book labels for FREE!

Stay tuned for my classroom reveal!

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