Monday, August 14, 2017

Google Infused Classroom

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If you teach in a school that has access to Google Apps then this book is a must-have!!  This book is all about infusion, which means how you can use two or more of the tools together at one time.

I absolutely love the way this book is organized. It is a resource rather than a read from cover to cover, which is awesome. The beginning of the book is all about pedagogy and the hows and whys of educational technology. The middle to end of the book is all of the tools that can be used in the classroom. Each tool is broken down into what it is, why its great, how easy it is to use, what the students do with the tool, and how they share the information. The tools are broken into different categories: assessment tools, tools for differentiation, tools for demonstrating learning, tools for reflecting, and a section on digital portfolios.

I was planning to try out portfolios with my students this year and after reading this book we will be setting them up the first week of school using Google Sites.

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