Monday, July 24, 2017

Admin 1 I come!

A little back story for you... Growing up I enjoyed pretending to be a teacher, completing a mentor-ship in high school in a classroom, and worked at a daycare. I knew inside I wanted to be a teacher and so did everyone else. EVERYONE said I would make a great teacher one day. Then I went off to college and my rebellious side kicked in. If everyone wanted me to be a teacher, then I no longer wanted to be a teacher. I changed my major to Marketing and now have a bachelor's degree that I don't use. I took a year off and guess what, went back for my Master's in Education.

Flash forward to the present. I just finished my 7th year of teaching. In my previous school in Virginia, my principal told me multiple times that I should go for my admin certification because I was a good leader. She took me to a principal conference with her, had my team perform our collaborative planning meeting in a fishbowl for other principals in our area, and had me participate in Adaptive Schools training. At my current school again I have been told that I would be a good candidate for a leadership position. So guess what... I am now enrolled in Admin 1 courses and should be finished with my certification next year.

Maybe it is just my stubbornness coming out. Maybe I needed to decide on my own that I really wanted to be a teacher and now in an administration position. Maybe I needed to grow up/mature and truly prove to myself that I am ready for the next step. I will say that since I have decided I want to pursue this next accomplishment, I have put on another cap when it comes to teaching. I have already been thinking about ways to better my instruction this year, as well as, come up with a few ideas that would help other teachers in my school as well.

I can't wait to begin this next journey (because I truly believe life is a bunch of small journeys all pieced together, hence the title of the blog) and I can't wait to share it with you all. Special shout-out to Mrs. Daniel who has truly been my inspiration, motivator, and role model with this decision!

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